Binding The Sands Of Time

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book Five, Binding The Sands Of Time. Coming soon to Amazon and Gumroad. Limited book preview will be made available for interested readers closer to the release date.

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book 5 - Binding The Sands Of Time (Cover)


Lives may be broken,
Truths left unspoken,
Bereft the sands of time,
Their bond shall shine.

The Guardian is bound by the sands of time no longer.

As death comes for the people of Eden, Solomon must resolve their conflict with Kruonai to save as many lives as possible. The time for secrets has passed, and the need for transparency has never been greater.

Giltine is the void goddess of death, the reaper of all time. She has one goal: to quiet the irritating noise of life from Eden so that the dimension can return to a silent nothingness. It was her voice that led the Progenitors astray, destroying their world.

Soon the ascension of a new time lord will be made manifest across all dimensions. Can Solomon succeed in finally realizing their goal?


This book is not yet released. All information provided is unofficial until product is published.