Mantel of the Goddess

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book Four, Mantel of the Goddess. Coming soon to Amazon and Gumroad. Limited book preview will be made available for interested readers closer to the release date.

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book 4 - Mantel of the Goddess (Cover)


Before the Guardian,
Even the void can be overrun,
The pantheon chose wrong,
Yet, in faith, we stand strong.

Seize the mantel of the goddess lest it is forgotten.

Hatred is an easy and seductive emotion that fuels the destructive entities of the void. With their failure to kill Mincatu, Solomon succumbs to their wrath, scaring Kruonai and most of her allies. They fear that Solomon’s power is driving them to lose their sanity.

To permanently eliminate the demonic threat and defend against future incursions, Solomon is pursuing a path that will see a new curse inflicted on the people of Eden. Kruonai leads her people with kindness while opposing what she sees as Solomon’s madness at every opportunity.

Soon Mincatu will succeed in unleashing the Void Lords. How will Solomon prevent this new threat as their allies abandon them?


This book is not yet released. All information provided is unofficial until product is published.