Power Divided

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book Three, Power Divided. Coming soon to Amazon and Gumroad. Limited book preview will be made available for interested readers closer to the release date.

The Forgotten Prince Series - Book 3 - Power Divided (Cover)


The differences that make us unique,
Must not make us weak,
United we stand,
Ready to face whatever is planned.

Only through unity can they overcome adversity. But is it worth it?.

Those who win the war will write the history for those who follow. Solomon is determined that their hand will be the one to write the record of the campaign against Mincatu as they work to avenge the death of Empress Ausrine.

To support Kruonai, Solomon must rally human and demi-human allies to support the war efforts. As a dragonkin mageknight, they have the power to devastate the battlefields and turn the tide of the campaign in Kruonai’s favour. But people rightfully fear the return of the dragonkin empire.

As Kruonai loses battle after battle to Nathair’s demonic soldiers, can Solomon help her forge the alliances she needs to unseat the Usurper King?


This book is not yet released. All information provided is unofficial until product is published.