Character Highlights

Characters and how they evolve as the story progresses has always been the focus of every reader. We all develop a bond with our favourite characters and like to learn more about what makes them tick! This appendix provides extra details for a few of the main characters in alphabetical order. When a title or prefix is included, it is ignored for the purpose of presenting the characters. Character heights and weights are approximate when provided. Demihuman and non-human character values do not align with human constraints or expectations.

Ausrine Dragonstar

Ausrine was the last empress of the dragonkin empire, ruling over the remnants of the original empire in the former province of Pacryle. The area was named to represent the collective of colonized peoples present – humans, elves, dwarves, and others. When the dragonkin fled to the province to escape persecution, the province’s name eroded until it was known simply as the empire.

Ausrine lived to be seven hundred thirty-four years old before her untimely death at the hands of the archdemon Mincatu. She was approximately one hundred eighty centimetres tall, weighing in at over four hundred twenty kilograms. She had blond hair with bright blue-grey eyes that glimmered like a thunderstorm. Ausrine commonly wore heavily reinforced plate armour with a bastard sword. She had some talent with wind magic, but her magical power was mediocre even by human standards.

Ausrine led a rich life, highlighted by her progressive policies and talent with the sword. She had two children, named Kruonis and Kruonai. Ausrine prioritized her family and their health in life, focusing on helping the poor through wise leadership and massive monetary investment.

Archdemon Bicarous

Bicarous is an archdemon warrior servant of Mincatu, working as a general under Mincatu’s leadership. They have no hair or eyes to tell of, with a body that closely resembled a writhing gelatinous mass of worms. At a glance, the archdemon looks like they are all ravenous toothy mouthes and scaly armoured tentacles. They weigh over twelve hundred kilograms at the height of two hundred fifty centimetres.

While Bicarous has not yet made an appearance in the story directly, the minions of their army have attacked and assaulted Solomon repeatedly. The lower-ranked demons known as Phenex and Tichaz’ama serve in Bicarous’s army.

Bicarous loves combat and often leads their armies from the front battle lines.

Emily Spidersilk

Princess Emily is the daughter of King Nathair but does not wish to one day succeed her father on the throne. She comes off as a haughty, spoiled noble-born child but is fiercely loyal to those she considers a friend. When Solomon is exiled and abused by her father and his retainers, she stands up for Solomon and does her best to support him.

When she returned to the capital following her rescue by Solomon, Emily begins to take her life much more seriously. She began to truly dedicate herself to her training, falling in love with the simple brutality of archery and the elegance of ranged combat. She finds her love of archery combines well with wind and earth magic, striving to be able to defend herself against most opponents.

Felix Wolfsbane

Felix is the prized son and successor of Ulric Wolfsbane. He feels the weight of expectation on his shoulders and struggles with feelings of inadequacy. This is particularly true when Ulric or Kastytis compare his combat abilities to Solomon’s – a generally unfair comparison.

When Kruonai resurfaces and makes contact with Zaria, Felix swears himself to her cause. Without Felix’s contributions to the rebel forces, they would not have grown to threaten the empire’s stability.

Felix is skilled with the sword and good with logistics. He is an excellent successor for Ulric and will be more than capable of furthering the prosperous region. Felix is twenty-two years old with dark brown hair and green eyes. He wields a sword in combat and typically wears plate mail. Tactics are not his strong suit, so he typically leaves others to send out combat orders while inspiring his troops to victory.

Ashwarden Gabija

Princess Gabija is the firstborn daughter of King Ravjek. She is known as the Ashwarden for her specialized magic that combines earth and fire elements. Gabija is a commander in the small dwarven kingdom ruled by Ravjek. She leads a ranged unit called the Fire-Forged Rangers. With her ash magic, Gabija can create semi-solid clones or easily block an enemy’s vision. She can also use earth magic to create or rend barriers and fire magic to strike at range.

Gabija is short and stocky, with a long soft beard. Her red hair and beard intertwine, framing her face and body. In combat, she wears dwarven plate mail and wields two axes. After Solomon kills her father and several of her siblings, she inherits the throne. She pledges to reunite with the other dwarven kingdoms.

Jurate Allashaundra

Jurate long served Empress Ausrine until her untimely death deposited him and Kruonai into a deep lake in the far northeast of the Pacryle province. He was imprisoned by the vampiric coven in the area and brutally tortured for decades. He was found and freed by Solomon, to whom he swore fealty.

Jurate has dark black skin with white-grey hair and soft green eyes. He favours chainmail and likes to wield a spear or lance when he can. Jurate is also skilled with axes but prefers to avoid close combat. After swearing fealty to Solomon, he is sent to serve Kruonai alongside his lover, Kastytis.

Kastytis Verackus

Kastytis long served Empress Ausrine and searched far and wide for her children after her untimely death. When his search failed, he went to Ulric Wolfsbane to ask for sanctuary. Ulric offered Kastytis a role as a combat trainer for his two children, Felix and Zaria.

Kastytis has dark brown skin with black hair and soft brown eyes. He favours chainmail rather than plate mail and will freely wield any weapon at is at hand. After swearing fealty to Solomon, he is sent to serve Kruonai alongside his lover, Jurate.

Kruonai Dragonstar

Princess Kruonai was thought to have been murdered when her mother, Empress Ausrine, died in battle against the Archdemon Mincatu. She was saved by her mother’s magic, but Ausrine lacked the magical fortitude to properly cast the spell. This led to her capture and enslavement by a vampiric coven until her rescue by her older/younger twin sibling.

Kruonai is a charismatic and empathetic leader, capable of bold action and level-headed decision-making. This makes her the perfect leader for those wishing to rebel against the usurper king – Nathair. She will lead her forces to reclaim her mother’s throne and free her people from demonic oppression. She has no doubts in her heart.

Kruonai is twenty-two years old and a full-blooded human with no dragonkin traits or skills. She is approximately one hundred eighty centimetres tall, weighing in around eighty kilograms. Like her mother, she has blond hair but blue eyes. Her preferred weapon is a bastard sword but often wields a mace if mounted. Kruonai wears darker leather armour with a plate cuirass and a chainmail cloak that has cloth interwoven between the links.

Kruonis, the Goddess

Kruonis is the goddess of time and is often referred to as the reaper of death. While Kruonis typically takes on a female-presenting form, the goddess is agender. Due to the assumptions of those who have seen the goddess in their human form, many prefer to use she/her pronouns for Kruonis. They are an original goddess of Eden, but they were never formally worshipped by the creatures native to the planet.

Kruonis does not participate in heavenly discussions with their peers, preferring their freedom and solitude. This freedom comes at a steep cost as they are persecuted by the other celestial beings. Kruonis seeks domination over all mortal realms and would rewrite the past, present, and future if the power to do so ever came within their grasp.

During the war of the ancient ones, Kruonis sealed off a portion of themselves in the void dimension. This entity is Giltine, representing death. If Kruonis and Giltine return to one entity, they will become a powerful entity once more.

Archdemon Mincatu

Mincatu has plagued Eden since humankind caused the cataclysmic events that led to the planets’ creation. He is an archdemon that leads other archdemons at the shadowy direction of the void. He has been known as the Mantis Lord due to his physical shape. During the fall of the dragonkin, he became known as the corruptor for driving the Darkcaster to madness. He is well versed in manipulating mortals and can bend them to his will.

Mincatu has a mane of black hair that contrasts nicely with his purple-gray skin and unnaturally bright purple eyes. He is approximately two hundred and fifty centimetres tall, weighing in around two hundred kilograms. He needs no weapon but possesses a cloak made of void energy that conceals his presence.

Nathair Spidersilk

King Nathair conspired with the archdemon Mincatu to instigate the death of Empress Ausrine with the intent to seize the throne. He has a blood contract with Mincatu, enabling him to create soldiers incapable of disobeying his orders or betraying him.

Nathair is focused on controlling the empire and reshaping it to generate profits for his enjoyment. He is elitist and racist, with a complete disregard for the lives of the poor and hatred for other races. He believes in human supremacy. Nathair is determined to eradicate any and all resistance to his rule at any cost.

Nathair is often known as the Usurper King by the rebels who support putting Princess Kruonai on the throne.

Ouroboros, the living weapon

This sentient weapon was forged from Morgana, the arcane elemental that Solomon befriended. Embedded into the hilt are two gemstones containing allies of Solomon whose souls he has partially consumed. The weapon is bound to Solomon and cannot be wielded by anyone else. When anyone tried, they wither into dust.

Solomon often refers to Ouroboros as the master of infinite fates, referring to the living weapons’ unusual ability to shift from one form to another. While it usually appears as a sword, it can change to be an axe, spear, staff, bow, or whatever shape Solomon currently needs it to take.

Archdemon Shacharka

Shacharka is an archdemon servant of Mincatu, working as an assassin under Mincatu’s leadership. Since she never leaves the nether, little is known about her temperament or appearance. Solomon encounters a killer sent by Shacharka when he rescues princess Emily – the demon known as Vanir.

Solomon Dragonstar

Solomon is a talented mage and ferocious warrior, their power unhindered by human constraints. They are the first-born child of Ausrine, the last empress of the empire. Originally named Kruonis after the goddess of time by Ausrine, they have since embraced the name given to them by Ulric Wolfsbane. Considered unusual even by dragonkin standards, Solomon is an unpredictable ally and deadly foe. They are motivated by the desire to live life as they see fit, and may the consequences be damned.

Solomon exclusively makes all of their own gear and typically appears to be wearing finely crafted cloth amour. This is highly deceptive as the armour Solomon wears is stronger and more durable than most metal gear. When not wielding Ouroboros, they tend to prefer weapons they can dual wield, like swords or daggers. Eventually, Solomon hopes to be able to have Ouroboros store various outfits within the living weapon.

Solomon is nineteen years old and is the first true-born dragonkin demihuman. They are approximately one hundred eighty-five centimetres tall, weighing in around five hundred kilograms. In human form, they have long black hair and grey eyes with a slightly male appearance. Due to the assumptions of those who met Solomon in their human form, many prefer to use he/him pronouns for Solomon. In dragonkin form, Solomon looks more feminine than masculine. They have silver hair in dragonkin form, with red eyes.

Solomon is sometimes referred to as the divine guardian, the lord of the light, and the goddess of time. Because Solomon agreed to become the avatar of the goddess of time, small temporal fluctuations create a shimmering effect on their scales while in dragonkin form. These effects are only present when they are using the gift they received from the goddess – the eyes of the avatar, capable of seeing the threads of fate and so much more.

Ulric Wolfsbane

Lord Ulric Wolfsbane is the son of a wealthy merchant who was well known to acquire quality goods at an honest and fair rate. After his father was assassinated, Ulric struggled to keep his fathers’ business alive and eventually sold the business’s remnants to seek adventure. He joined the royal army and served under Empress Ausrine in several engagements. He was ultimately awarded land and a title for his service.

He married his childhood friend, Caroline. They had two children, Felix and Zaria. Caroline resents Ausrine for demanding so much of Ulrics’ time and energy, even as she respects Ausrine for her forward-thinking and focus on tackling poverty and discrimination.

Ulric is forty-seven years old. He is approximately one hundred seventy centimetres tall, weighing around eighty-eight kilograms. Ulric has blond hair with hints of brown and grey. He has a strong jaw and piercing blue eyes, but his constant smile has softened his facial expressions. Ulric prefers axes and maces in combat. For armour, his go-to is chainmail.

Zaria Wolfsbane

Zaria is the daughter of Caroline and Ulric Wolfsbane. She strives to be talented water and light mage that specializes in healing and defensive magic. With a few hints from Solomon, Zaria created and maintained three water elementals at once. Her main battle tactics are to raise a defensive water barrier while buffing the attributes of her allies. The water elementals act as her personal guards and attack squad.

Zaria was gifted a legendary ring by Solomon that she named Provenance. The ring grants its bearer elemental resistance against magic, increased armour durability, decreased armour weight, and increased regeneration rate for health and mana. The ring also generates a minor barrier effect that will deflect or blunt attacks by shifting the strike away from the wearer. Using the ring, Zaria can communicate telepathically over great distances to her allies.

Other than her ring, Zaria uses a staff to focus and direct her spells. She wears a cloth robe but wears a thick leather cuirass under her robe to help defend against arrows. Zaira is nineteen years old, with a bubbly, bright personality and sunny disposition. She is slender, almost lithe, at one hundred fifty-six centimetres tall and weighing around forty-five kilograms.

Zaria was sickly as a child after catching the plague. Luckily, Ulric had connections in the mage guild from his days as a merchant and managed to get both a cure and a mage tutor, Zaldimere. With her weakened body, she dedicated her efforts to mastering magic so that she could follow her new love off on adventures.